Still not sure?

The creation and production of a SuMisura suit is a rather complex process. Your Ducati Dealer will help and guide you in choosing the most suitable garment for your needs. Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you were looking for, send an email to

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the price of my suit?

The price of a SuMisura suit varies according to the model and the customizations (custom-made, color changes, addition of logos). To know the price of the configuration you have chosen, ask your Ducati Dealer for assistance.

How long will it take to get my SuMisura suit?

A custom suit is made on a dedicated production line. Depending on the season, the times may vary from 8 to 12 weeks (excluding shipping).

How can I change some details even if the configurator does not let me?

Give or send the sketch to your Ducati Dealer, specifying your change requests. The Dealer will send us the file and will get back an updated sketch to show you.

Where can I get my measurements taken?

There are different solutions, depending on the country. Ask your Ducati Dealer which options are available for your geographic area.

Where will I pick up my suit?

The suit will be sent to the Ducati Dealer who followed you order. As soon as the suit is delivered the Dealer will call you to set an appointment. Before taking your suit home you need to try it on to make sure it fits like you wanted.

What do I do if it does not fit right?

This can happen sometimes. You may have lost or gained some weight. Or maybe there was an error taking your measurements or cutting the leather. Wear the suit together with the technical underwear and the protections you normally use and take 4-5 pictures (front, back, side, and in riding position). The dealer will send them to us and we will decide how to proceed. In most cases it will be necessary to send the suit to the Dainese laboratory to fix it.

Why should I buy a tailored suit instead of a standard one?

A tailored suit is made by adapting a standard size to fit your body. A garment made according to your measurements has a closer fit, is more comfortable, and therefore is also safer.

Is it always possible to make a custom suit?

Almost always. Unfortunately, in some cases the difference in size between the chest and the pelvis does not allow the production of a tailored suit: the excess leather at the waist creates folds that would make the garment uncomfortable and unsafe. For this reason your measurements are sent to Dainese, which checks them and confirms the feasibility of the suit.

How can I repair the suit if I fall?

In the event of an accident or fall the suit must be sent to the production line for repair. With the exception of the USA and Japan, the damaged suit must be sent to Italy. Contact your Ducati Dealer to receive all the instructions necessary to send the suit for repair. Once your suit has been checked, you will be offered a quote based on which you can decide whether to proceed with the repair or order a new suit.

If you have purchased a D-air® suit, in the event of a fall – even if there is no damage to the garment – you will still need to return it to have the airbag replaced.

How can I clean my suit?

Every time you use your suit you should clean it with a soft cloth soaked in water. From time to time do a deeper cleaning using the leather cleaning kit you received with your suit. When you finish this cleaning product you can buy some more from your Ducati Dealer.

How can I replace worn sliders?

It is possible to replace the elbow and knee sliders on all full suits (Ducati Corse D|air® K1, Ducati Corse D|air® Racing, Ducati Corse K1, and Ducati Corse C4). It is also possible to replace the knee sliders and the aluminum plates on the shoulders of Ducati Corse C4 two-piece suits. You can get these spare parts from your Ducati Dealer.