How your suit is made


How your suit is made

A tailored suit is safer and more comfortable, fits your body perfectly, follows your movements and provides you with greater agility while riding your bike. To reach this result, a team of highly skilled professionals will carefully take your measurements in order to perfectly adapt the garment to your riding style.

You will have the opportunity to choose your suit’s colors, as well as to decide where to position logos, texts, and images. A draft will be prepared in just a few days, and your garment will be sent to production only after your approval.

At this point the suit’s production actually begins. The first step is the selection of the leather, which is carried out with the maximum care and attention to even the slightest details. In particular, it is extremely important to check the thickness of the various pieces that will make up your suit in order to find the right balance between protection and comfort.

Being unique and original, each piece of leather has certain imperfections linked to the “history” of the animal itself. A specialized professional manually identifies these imperfections one-by-one in order to eliminate them while cutting the suit’s various pieces, thus ensuring a perfectly uniform result.

Once the leather has been examined, it moves on to the next phase: laser cutting. A sophisticated machine cuts the individual pieces with extreme precision. At this point the various parts of the suit begin to take shape. There is no longer a single piece of leather, but rather different elements that must be assembled in order to create the unique and tailored garment.

The localized perforation is carried out using a patented Dainese process. This process is mainly characterized by the fact that the seams remain at a good distance from the perforations, thus ensuring excellent ventilation and better resistance to tearing.

Based on your specifications and following the indications on your approved draft, the customizations that will make your suit unique are embroidered.

After the initial processing of the individual pieces, it is time to assemble them. All the parts of your suit are “arranged” on a table, where they will begin to take shape. The customizations will be fixed in place with hot glue before being sewn.

At this point the customizations are permanently sewn onto the garment, and your suit begins to take a more definitive shape.

The biaxial elastics are patented by Dainese: the pieces of elastic fabric used for the accordion stretch panels are sewn onto individual pieces of leather in order to make them more resistant. Thanks to this technique, the elastic works both vertically and horizontally, thus ensuring maximum ease of movement.

One of the final stages of this process is the sewing of the protection elements and the inner liner. In particular, the protective plates must be positioned with extreme care in order to ensure that they will perfectly adhere to the rider’s body, thus providing maximum safety whenever necessary. The Nanofeel® liner makes the garment breathable, thus improving the rider’s comfort.

Your suit is ready: a team of selected professionals worked on your suit to fashion a truly unique – and truly yours – tailored racing suit.